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About Us

Responsibility, Reliability, Trust, Communication

Our Story

Harris's love for music and sound bloomed from her father, who introduced her to all styles of music throughout her adolescence. Originally from North Carolina, she began her career taking an interest in production at her high school theater program and carried her interest onward. After completing her undergraduate degree, Harris decided to continue her education and attend the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Phoenix, Arizona. Upon completion at The Conservatory, Harris continued forward to establish Alexander Audio.

Alexander Audio LLC is a production company offering freelance audio, technical, creative, and multimedia production services for the entertainment and performing arts industry. The company's owner and operator, Reya "JR" Harris, is a versatile sound engineer based in the greater New York City area, specializing in live sound production, recording engineering, audiovisual services, location sound mixing, post-production, theatre audio, creative directing, and project management.

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Responsibility, Reliability, Trust, and Communication
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